How to Use This Book

Following this introduction, there is a set of tutorials. The tutorials are designed to cover the basics of all the important features found in Inkscape and to lead the reader from the beginning to end of the drawing process.

The bulk of the book is devoted to a detailed discussion of all of Inkscape's features, including examples of solving common drawing problems. Both the strengths and weaknesses of Inkscape are pointed out.

Depending on one's background, one may use the book as a reference or read the book from front to back. In general, the more fundamental topics are covered first. Novices are encouraged to work through each of the tutorials sitting in front of their computer. At the end of the book are a few drawing challenges.


[Note]One-button Mice

Users of one-button mice might want to upgrade to a multi-button mouse. Inkscape makes good use of a three-button mouse with a scroll wheel. (Inkscape also makes good use of graphics tablets.) In the meantime, the button on a one-button mouse corresponds to the Left Mouse button.


The icons used in this book are in general those provided by Inkscape's default icon theme. Some icons, however, are provided by the operating system. It is possible that the icons you see in your version of Inkscape are different depending upon the source of your version. Regardless of what icons are used, the functionality remains the same.

[Tip]Book Website

The book has a website with some SVG examples and tests as well as graphics for use with the tutorials.