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This section not yet updated for Inkscape v0.92.


This effect takes an existing path (skeleton) and allows one to bend it in a well-defined way via a control path. The control path is automatically created. The style of the bent path is taken from the style of the original path.

To apply the effect, with the source path selected, and using the Node Tool select the Bend option from the drop-down menu in the Path Effect Editor dialog. Click on the Add button. The path will turn red. A red path always corresponds to the original source or skeleton path. Next, click on the node icon ( icon ) in the Path Effect Editor dialog. A green, horizontal path will appear in place of the red path. This path controls the bending. It can be manipulated in all the ways that a regular path can be including adding new nodes and dragging the path.

The effect assumes that the skeleton path is orientated in the horizontal direction. If it is in the vertical orientation, one can check the Original path is vertical box. This distorts the aspect ratio. Restore the aspect ratio by checking the Width in units of length box. The size of the bent path can be changed by changing the size of the control path.

Bend effect.
Demonstration of the Bend effect. Top: Source path. Middle: After applying the effect and enabling editing of the control path. Bottom: After adding a node and adjusting the control path.

The width of the bent path can be altered with the Width entry box.