General Options

General options:

-?, --help

Print the help message listing all command-line options with a short description.


Print a list of command-line options showing correct syntax for use.

-V, --version

Print the Inkscape version number and exit. The version number is also available internally from Aiuto Informazioni su Inkscape.

-z, --without-gui

Do not use X server. Doesn't seem to play well with --verb.

-f, --file

Usage: inkscape -f FILENAME.

Give filename(s) to open upon start up or for use with other options. The option string (-f or --file) need not be used.

-s, --slideshow

Removed in v0.46.

Show the given files one after another. Hitting any key will move to the next slide except for Left-arrow, which moves to the previous slide. The standalone program Inkview is a better choice for slide shows as it has more features (and seems to be better behaved). See Appendice A, Inkview.

-x, --extensions-directory

Print the Inkscape extension directory and exit. Useful for knowing where to install new extensions and checking which ones are included.


New in v0.46.

Call verb when Inkscape opened. If more than one --verb given, they will be called in order.


New in v0.46.

Print a list of all verb ids.


New in v0.46.

Select object with given id.


Remove the unused definitions from the <defs> section(s) of an SVG file. Also available internally with the File Definizioni Superflue command. See la sezione chiamata «Vacuuming Files». This option does not create a new file but makes the changes in place.