Creating Connectors

Connectors are created by the Strumento Connettore. To create a connector, select the tool by clicking on the icon (Ctrl+F2 or o) in the Casella degli Strumenti. Then click-drag the mouse from one point on the canvas to another. When the pointer is over an object, a Connection handle is shown in the center of the object. Beginning or ending the click-drag on one of these handles will attach the connector to the corresponding object. Alternatively, one can begin a connector by clicking on an empty point on the canvas or on a Connection handle and end the connector by a second click.

Attached connectors will be drawn so they begin at the quadro delimitatore of the attached object and on a line that is radial to the center of the object. Future improvements will allow drawing of connectors that begin at the edge of an object.

By default, connectors will not attach to text objects. This facilitates connections between boxes that frame text. You can change this option under the Connector entry of the Preferenze di Inkscape dialog.