Printing Files

Updated for v0.46

Printing your drawing can be done through the File Stampa... (Ctrl+P) dialog. As of v0.46, the standard GTK print dialog is used. This allows printing to any PostScript-capable printer as well as to either a PostScript or PDF file. Printing uses the Cairo-based routines (although not the one used to Save a PDF file!). The PostScript back-end makes heavy use of rasterizing the image.

Print dialog.
Stampa dialog.

There are two options for rendering output found under the Rendering tab. The first Vector uses vector operators. the drawing is scalable but some properties are lost. Patterns, masks, clips, and dashed lines are rendered incorrectly (Bug).

The second option is Bitmap which rasterizes the output. There is an option to set the DPI for the output but this does not appear to have any effect (Bug). All drawing elements are rendered correctly but with poor resolution.


An Inkscape PostScript file can be converted to an Encapsulated PostScript file (EPS) by removing the last line in the file (delete «showpage»). A «BoundingBox» line is already included in the PS file.