This group of extensions manipulates text. One extension creates a visual representation of Braille text. Another extension, Lorem Ipsum, creates nonsense text. This is useful for mock layouts of text. A third extension does text substitution. Then there is a group of extensions that manipulate case. These are very similar and are treated together.

Convert to Braille

New in v0.47.

This extension creates an accurate visual representation of Braille text useful for illustrations. Braille glyphs are substituted for the Latin characters.

Covert to Braille example.
An example of text generated by the Convert to Braille extension. The top line is the text that was converted.

Lorem Ipsum

Creates a string of nonsense text that resembles Latin. This is useful in the publishing industry for showing mock layouts of text. The text is generated into a flowed text box. If no flowed text box has been defined, one is created on a new Layer with the size of the page.

Lorem ipsum example.
An example of text generated by the Lorem Ipsum extension.

Replace Text

This extension searches and replaces a string of text by another string in selected text objects. If no text object is selected, it will search and replace text strings in all text objects. Empty text strings can be used in both the text that is searched (to insert text in between all characters) and in the replacement text (to delete a string).

Change Case

This group of extensions changes the case of text in selected text objects. If no text object is selected, the extension is applied to all text objects. See the figure below for the available extensions.

Text examples.
Examples of using the text case extensions. Left is original text; right is text after applying extension.