First and foremost, thanks to the many authors of Inkscape! Here are the top 15 in terms of commits to the source code since the v0.48 release: Jon A. Cruz, JazzyNico, Krzysztof Kosiński, Diederik van Lierop, Johan Engelen, Tavmjong Bah, Alexandre Prokoudine, Ted Gould, Josh Andler, Chris Morgan, Kris De Gussem, buliabyak, Alvin Penner, helix84, Aurelio A. Heckert. A special thanks to the students at Ecole Centrale de Lyon who implemented the new Spray Tool. I would also like to thank Ted Gould, who put me in touch with Joe Brockmeier, who put me in touch with Prentice Hall. And a thanks to all the readers (especially Jon A. Cruz and Loïc Guégant) who have sent me comments and corrections.

This book was produced using emacs, DocBook, xsltproc, fop, and, of course, Inkscape.