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raster image of rect-05-f.png raster image of rect-05-f.png

Operator Script

Run the test. No interaction required.

Pass Criteria

Test passes if the top and left of the rectangle is black while the right and bottom are orange, and the right half of the diamond is orange and the left half is black.

Test Description

The 'rect' element defines a rect which is axis-aligned with the default user coordinate system when it is not the initial user coordinate system.

Draws a 'rect' element originating at (0,0) of the current user coordinate system, which has been altered via 'transform' from the initial user coordinate system. Draws perpendicular lines which also originate at (0,0) and advance along the x and y axes of the current user coordinate system. Verifies that the lines overlap the top and left edges of the rectangle and that the rectangle is thus axis-aligned with its current user coordinate system.