Translating the Guide

As I often get requests from people who would like to translate the guide, I thought I would state here my policy.

First, let me say that I encourage translations. I've given permission to translate the book to a number of people. However, I do make a few conditions that are based on my contract with the publisher and so that I have some control over the quality of the translations. These conditions are:

  1. The translation appear only on my website.
  2. The translation not include the tutorials that are by contract exclusive to the PDF version.
  3. Distribution of a print (PDF) version would first have to be offered to the publisher.

I know that if someone puts in the time to translate the book that they want it to be guaranteed that their work will remain available. So let me state that if something should happen to my website (I get run over by a car or I lose interest in the book), the translator would then be free to put the translation on their own website.

I will assist the translator as much as I can in preparing the book. I will provide the source DOCBOOK files as well as prepare appropriate figures. As sections of the book are translated, I can add them to the website. Even partial translations, I think, are useful to people.

Once the book is completely translated, the book can be offered to the publisher. If the publisher accepts, the translator(s) would get the standard 50% of the royalties. If the publisher declines to distribute the book, the translator(s) would be free to find another means of distribution.