Inkscape SVG 2 Status (including CSS 3)

"Supported" means rendering is supported.

Updated 10 November 2017

New Elements

'mesh' (shape)
'meshgradient', 'meshrow', 'meshpatch' (paint server)
hatch (paint server)
solidcolor (note that SVG 1.2 was 'solidColor')

New attributes

'fr' ('radialGradient')
'refX', 'refY ('symbol')

New style properties

'text-decoration-fill', 'text-decoration-stroke', etc. ('text').
'font-variant-ligatures', 'font-variant-caps', etc. ('text').
'mix-blend-mode', 'background-blend-mode'
'transform', 'transform-origin'
'marker', 'marker-mid', etc. (shapes)

Geometric attributes as style properties

No plan to implement at moment.

New property values

'fill'/'stroke': 'context-fill' and context-stroke'
'fill'/'stroke': 'child' and 'chile(n)'
'marker-orientation': 'auto-start-reverse'
'line-join': 'arcs' and 'miter-clipped'
'refX'/'refY': 'left|center|right'
'filter': Shorthands: 'sepia', 'saturate', etc.

New interfaces

Not relevant.

New/expanded interface methods and properties

Not relevant.

New path features

'Z'/'z' fill in missing path data.
Bearing commands
Cannonical equivalent paths

Text changes

'inline-size' ('text')
'shape-inside', 'shape-subtract', etc. ('text')
'white-space' ('text')
'side' ('textPath').

Other items under review.

Use element changes

Under review. Low priority.

Rest of list

Under review.