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This section not yet updated for Inkscape v0.92.


This group of extensions manipulates the colors of a bitmap. They are handy if you need to make a quick change to a bitmap and don't need the power of a full-blown bitmap editor like Gimp. The extensions all depend on the ImageMagick library. After an extension has been applied, the original bitmap, either externally referenced or internal, will be replaced by a modified internal bitmap.

Note that these extensions only work on a bitmap. Some of the extensions can be duplicated by using Filters which also work on all objects and don't permanently change the bitmap file.

Raster examples.
An example of using the Implode extension (with input parameter of 1.0).

List of available extensions:

• Adaptive Threshold• Add Noise• Blur
• Channel• Charcoal• Colorize
• Contrast• Cycle Colormap• Despeckle
• Dither• Edge• Emboss
• Enhance• Equalize• Gaussian Blur
• HSB Adjust• Implode• Level
• Level (with Channel)• Median• Modulate
• Negate• Normalize• Oil Paint
• Opacity• Raise• Reduce Noise
• Resample• Shade• Sharpen
• Solarize• Spread• Swirl
• Unsharp Mask• Wave