Document Properties

Document (or file) properties can be modified using the File icon Document Properties... (Shift+Ctrl+D) dialog. Document properties include things like the document dimensions and internal scale, metadata such as copyright and license information, color profiles, etc.

Document Dimensions and Scale

Updated for v0.92.

The document (page) size can be changed at anytime by going to the Page tab of the Document Properties dialog. You can choose a predefined Page size such as A4 or US Letter, or you can set a custom size. The Resize page to content... option allows you to automatically set the size of the drawing to the bounding box of the drawing or a selection within the drawing, and with or without margins.

File Metadata and License

Updated for v0.91.

You can add Metadata to a drawing via the Metadata tab of the Document Properties dialog. This includes a variety of fields such as author and copyright date. A license for the document can be selected on the License tab of the same dialog.