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This section not yet updated for Inkscape v0.92.

Envelope Deformation

This effect deforms a path by using four control paths, one for each side of the bounding box. Each control path can be edited individually by clicking on the corresponding icon icon. When editing of one control path is enabled, that path will be shown in bold green; the other control paths will be shown with thinner green lines in v0.47 (not shown in v0.48). Note that the when copying, pasting, or linking a control path, the control path is referenced from the bottom left corner of the page.

There are options to enabling and disabling the top and bottom paths separately from the left and right paths.

Envelope Deformation effect.
Demonstration of the Envelope Deformation effect. Left: A grid created with the Construct Grid LPE. Middle: The grid deformed by adding the Envelope Deformation LPE. The top control path has been altered and the left and right control paths have been disabled. Right: The grid deformed by control paths on the top, left, and right. The left control path is shown being edited.