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This section not yet updated for Inkscape v0.92.

Interpolate Sub-Paths

This effect creates additional paths by interpolating between two sub-paths. A Trajectory (control) path dictates where the additional paths are placed. Note: Only the first and last sub-paths are used.

The total number of paths (including the two sub-paths) can be specified by the Steps parameter. An additional option Equidistant spacing determines if the nodes of the Trajectory path are used in the interpolation. If the option Equidistant spacing is checked, the additional paths are spaced evenly along the Trajectory path. If it is not checked, the additional paths are divided between the intermediate nodes (see following figure).

Interpolate Sub-Paths effect.
From left to right: Two sub-paths of the same path. After adding the Interpolated Sub-Paths effect with 10 Steps. After bending the Trajectory path by dragging the middle down. After adding an intermediate node to the Trajectory on the left side.