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This section not yet updated for Inkscape v0.92.


This effect simulates sketching a path. There are two different kinds of lines drawn: The first are Strokes that follow the curvature of the path. The second are Construction lines that are straight and tangent to the path.

Sketch effect.
Top to bottom: The skeleton path. The resulting path when the Sketch effect is applied with default values. After setting Strokes to 1 and Construction lines to 0. After setting Strokes to 0 and Construction lines to 5.

The following parameters are available for Strokes:

Sketch effect 2.
Stroke parameters. All figures with Strokes set to 1, Max stroke length set to 100.00, and Average offset set to 5. All other parameters are set to zero unless otherwise noted. The dashed box shows the length of the skeleton path and the maximum offsets (twice Average offset). From top to bottom: All parameters as above. Max stroke length set to 20. Stroke length variation set to 1.00. Max. overlap set to 0.50. Max. end tolerance set to 0.20; note that the ends are only shortened and never lengthened. Max. tremble set to 10.00 and Tremble frequency set to 10.00.

The following parameters are available for Construction lines:

Sketch effect 3.
Construction line parameters. From top to bottom: Construction lines set to 5, Placement randomness and Variation length set to 0.00, Scale set to 10.00, and Maximum length set to 100.00. The same as above but Construction lines set to 20. The same as above but Placement randomness set to 1.00 and Length variation set to 0.30.