raster image of fonts-desc-02-t.png raster image of fonts-desc-02-t.png

This tests the behaviour of CSS font matching based on font-variant attribute.

The first line of text should be 'square' 'triangle'. The small-caps font should match the second text element.

The second line of text should be 'square' 'triangle'. The second line is used to ensure that the order of font specification does not effect the selection of these fonts.

The third line of text should be 'square', 'diamond', 'square', 'diamond'. This shows that the correct font is selected when a font in the list does not support the variant required. Note that the fonts provide no x-height so scaling (allowed by CSS) cannot be used to simulate a small cap from a regular font.

The last line of test can be 'square', 'a', 'a' (from a fallback font), 'diamond'. The first 'a' can be replaced with a smallcaps 'A', if there is a smallcaps font installed or if synthesis is supported.