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Chapter 10. Attributes

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An object has attributes such as color and line style. An attribute can apply to the Fill or to the Stroke of the object. The Fill refers to how the area inside an object's boundary path is painted while the Stroke refers to the path itself. The Fill or Stroke (Stroke paint) can be a single color, a Gradient of colors, a Pattern, or nothing at all. With the exception of a few small differences, Fill and Stroke paint have the same properties and are treated together in the following discussion. A Stroke can have additional attributes such as width, dash pattern, and marker type (Stroke style). These are treated in a separate section.

Text can be given the same attributes as other objects with a few small differences: Individual letters, words, or phrases can be given different solid colors, but Gradients and Patterns must be assigned to an entire text object.

There are a number of ways to change attributes: