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This section not yet updated for Inkscape v0.92.

Eraser Cut-Out Mode

In the Cut-Out mode, the eraser is used to draw a red path, similar to a path created by the Calligraphy Tool. This path is then subtracted from any other paths it crosses. Regular Shapes crossed are first converted to paths. This mode does not work on bitmap images or directly on Groups (enter Groups first to use). If many objects are crossed, it may take awhile for the subtraction to be processed.

To enable Cut-Out mode, click on the icon icon in the Eraser Tool-Tool Controls.

[Note]Use with Tablets

If you are using a tablet with input devices enabled (set to Screen mode), the input devices will be pressure sensitive. There is no option to turn off this sensitivity as with the Calligraphy Tool. You may find it is better to use the Calligraphy Tool in subtract mode (hold down the Alt key) as there is better control over the pen's parameters. If your mouse only erases a narrow line, check to make sure it is not in Screen mode.

Eraser - Cut-Out Mode.
Left: The Eraser Tool has been used to draw a red path over an array of Rectangles. Right: The area inside the path is subtracted from any objects the path crosses.