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This section not yet updated for Inkscape v0.92.


A set of objects can be collected into a Group. Once placed in a Group, the objects can be manipulated together, the Group acting as a single object. Groups can be nested; that is, a Group can be combined with other Groups or objects to make a higher level Group.

The following commands, found both in the Command Bar and under the Edit menu, can be used to make and break up groups:

An alternative method to break up a Group is to select the Ungroup command from the menu that pops up when you Right Mouse Click over a Group.

Objects within Groups can be edited and manipulated without breaking up the Group. The following commands select objects within Groups:

A Group can be entered or turned into a temporary Layer for editing. Two ways to Enter a Group and Exit a Group are available:


To add an existing object to an existing Group, cut the object (Edit icon Cut (Ctrl+X)), enter the Group (Double+Left Mouse Click), and then paste in place (Edit icon Paste In Place (Ctrl+Alt+V)).


The XML Editor dialog can be very useful in rearranging objects between Groups.