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This section not yet updated for Inkscape v0.92.

Chapter 9. Text

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Inkscape has a sophisticated system for creating and manipulating text. Text strings can include Bold or Italicized substrings and changes in font type and size. Text can be justified on the right and/or left. It can be horizontal or vertical. Individual characters can be kerned. Text can be put on a path or flowed into an arbitrarily shaped path.

Some sample text.
Some sample text.

There are three types of text objects in Inkscape. The first is regular text. The second is flowed text; this is a text object that includes a rectangular frame. The third is linked-flowed text. This is a text object where the text is flowed into a separate arbitrary shape or path object(s). It is discussed at the end of this chapter. When a text object is selected, its type is shown in the Notification Region.