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This section not yet updated for Inkscape v0.92.

Undo and Redo

One can undo and redo changes made to your drawing in the current Inkscape session. The Undo and Redo commands can be repeated to undo or redo multiple changes. These commands can be accessed both in the Command Bar and under the Edit menu in the Menu Bar. When accessed through the Edit menu, a description of the change that would happen if the command is selected is given.

Multiple changes can also be undone or redone in one step by using the Undo History dialog (Edit icon Undo History... (Shift+Ctrl+H)).

Undo History dialog.
Two views of the Undo History dialog, both showing the drawing of a rectangle followed by changing the color and and four resizings. Clicking on any line returns the drawing to the state when the change described on the line was completed. Consecutive changes of the same type may be collapsed to one line to improve readability; the number of such changes is given on the top line of the group. Clicking on the triangle collapses (left) or uncollapses (right) the list.

All changes to a file can be undone with the File icon Revert command.