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This section not yet updated for Inkscape v0.92.

Chapter 12. Spray Tool

New in v0.48.

The Spray Tool is used to distribute copies of an object (or objects) much like an airbrush would paint drops. Three modes are available in the Spray Tool-Tool Controls:

Spray Mode Example.
Examples of the three spray modes. From top to bottom: Copy mode: The style of each copy can be changed individually as was done here using the Color Jitter mode of the Tweak Tool. Clone mode: All clones must have the same style. If the original object is changed, all the clones are changed in the same way. Path mode: The copies are merged into one path with overlaps removed.

To use the Spray Tool first select one or more objects you which to spray with the Select Tool or any other selection method. Then select the Spray Tool from the Tool Box ( icon ) or use either of the shortcuts: A or Shift+F3. Hold the Left Mouse Button down while moving the mouse or the mouse scroll wheel. Once the Spray Tool has been selected, you can toggle between the Spray Tool and the Select Tool using the Space Bar.

A number of parameters are available in the Tool Controls to modify the behavior of the Spray Tool:

Spray Parameters Example.
Examples of several of the spray parameters. From top to bottom: Scale: Parameter set to 0 on left, 100 on right. Scatter: Parameter set to 1 on left, 100 on right. Focus: Parameter set to 0 on left, 100 on right (Scatter set to 5, cursor jiggled in place).