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The Guide - Web

Select Guide for Inkscape version and language:

For changes between Inkscape versions see relase notes:

Note on translating the guide.

The Guide - Print

Fourth Edition, for Inkscape v0.47 and v0.48.

Front Cover: Book

Available from Prentice Hall as a book or as an ebook. Book also available at online bookstores.

Download the Color Addendum.✪: Third Edition, Fourth Edition.

Extra material

A few useful web pages and downloads:

Extensions for old versions of Inkscape:

  • LaTeX effect, Linux version with Sketch, Requires Sketch to be installed. Rename to eqtexsvg.py.
  • Function Plotter effect with Polar Coordinates. Can be used with v0.45 and v0.46 by replacing files in share/inkscape/extensions.
  • New effects in v0.46. Can be used with v0.45 by downloading and putting in share/inkscape/extensions/.

Animated SVG Mechanical Clocks

Animated SVG Mechanical Clock
Hour, Minute, Second version.
Month, Day, Weekday, Day/Night, Hour, Minute, Second version.

Python script from Aaron Spike used to generate gear outlines. Inkscape includes a gear drawing extension as of v0.46.