Book update is finished.

The 2nd edition of my guide to Inkscape is finished! Yeh! It has been a busy week with many corrections from the editor and from Loïc Guégant who, while translating the book into French, is checking everything I wrote! I thought I was done Thursday, but the editor had given me some wrong information and I had to quickly change some things on the copyright page like the ISBN numbers. As it takes an hour to generate the book through xsltproc and fop, I just regenerated the beginning and then used pdftk to substitute the corrected page. pdftk is a great tool! Unfortunately it isn’t included in Fedora 8 or 9 due to some confusion about licensing. I found a note on the web that you could use the Fedora 7 src and rebuild the RPM. That worked. However, it takes forever and a day to do the regeneration.