Tensor Meshes Revisited

When I first proposed adding meshes to the SVG standard the SVG working group looked at the question of Coons patch vs tensor patch meshes. A tensor patch adds four additional control points to a Coons patch. These control points influence how the color is spread inside the patch. The group decided that the added complexity of the tensor patch was not worth the benefit gain. I am now revisiting this decision. In a previous blog I discussed the problems caused by a lack of smoothness across patch boundaries. At first it didn’t seem like having tensor control points would help but now I realize that in some limited cases they can be of great benefit. Consider the following four patch mesh:
A 2x2 patch mesh showing effect of lack of smoothness across boundaries.

A 2×2 Coons Patch mesh. The outer corner colors are black. The center corner is white.

The first thing that one sees is a cross pattern. This is due to a lack of smoothness across the patch boundaries. In the following figure one can see the color profile for two of the patches that clearly illustrates the sharp change in the color derivative at the patch boundary.
A diagram of the color profile for two of the patches in the above mesh.

The color profile for two of the patches in the previous figure. The height of the surface is proportional to the white level. The red line illustrates the profile along a diagonal line in one of the patches. The blue line shows the required profile if the profile is to be rotationally symmetric around the center point.

By moving the tensor mesh points it is possible to better approximate a rotationally symmetric profile around the center point, reducing the “cross” artifact.
A 2x2 patch mesh where tensor control points are used to smooth the color profile across patch boundaries.

Tensor control points have been used to smooth the color profile.

It is not possible to completely remove the cross using tensor control points. One also still has a bright spot at the center point which is not what one wants when trying to illustrate a diffuse reflection of light off a curved surface. To get a smoother profile one needs to add more patches.
A 4x4 patch mesh with a smoother color profile.

A 4×4 Coons patch mesh is used to produce a smoother color profile.

So adding tensor control points is useful but is not a complete solution to smoothness. I still haven’t made up my mind about their cost/benefit value. Feedback would be appreciated.